• Monday 20th cancelled - Informal meeting on Mon 27th Sept 7:15pm. See news item

Welcome to Shebbear Short Mat Bowling

Who are we

We are a friendly local village club with about 18 members. 

When do we meet

We meet in Shebbear Village Hall every Monday (except Bank Holidays) from 7.15pm to 9.15pm and every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm; a perfect opportunity to come and try your hand.  The first three sessions are free to new comers, thereafter its the usual £2 per session.  Short mat bowling happens all year round, there are competitions and leagues running throughout the year that are organised by the North Devon & North Cornwall Short Mat Bowling Federation. 

You can play just for fun or become a team member it's up to you!!!!

How to Join

Just come along on a Monday evening and join in.  If you need bowls the club has some sets to practice with and you don't need any special attire.  Your first 3 evenings are free then if you decide to join us our fees are £20.00 per annum and £2.00 for our Monday nights and Wednesday afternoons. 

What is Short Mat?

Short mat bowling is designed to be played in local village halls.  It's challenging, available to people of all ages, and played all the year round.

There are some significant differences between short mat and its big brothers, outdoor lawn bowls and indoor long mat bowls.  First the mat is only 6ft wide and between 40ft and 45ft long, that's half the size of its' siblings.   Secondly, as you might imagine in a village hall there is no ditch at the end of the mat but a wooden fender.  When you're learning it stops bowls hitting peoples toes and with experince the area bordered by the fender becomes a very important and integral part of the game.  The third difference is a white block of wood 15" wide, 3" high, 3" deep, that's positioned on the centre line halfway along the mat.  Your bowl has to travel round the block to get to the jack - It's not easy!!

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